Research Overview

The School of Electronic Information and Communications has a strong scientific research strength.  In recent five years, the School has undertaken 51 National Natural Science Foundations for youth and surface project, 4 Key Projects, 1 Outstanding Youth Projects, 1 Excellent Youth Projects, 7 863Projects, 18 New Generation Broadband Wireless Mobile Communication Network Special Projects, 4 2rd-Generation Navigation Key Special Projects and 4 National Support Projects. In the meantime, the School undertook a set of high level military research project, such as the assembly and the pre-research, initial exploration , 863 National Defense Project. The accumulative research funds for the past 5 years reached to 229 million. The vertical project funds reaches 70% in the total project funds. The School also obtained 1 the First Prize of Natural Science in Hubei Province, 1 the First Prize for technique invention, 3 the First Prize for technique process, 1 the First Prize for the military technique process, and 10 other prizes. Many high level papers are also published including more than 200 SCI papers, more than 400 EI papers. And our School was ranked as the first among the national first-level discipline evaluation for the respective academic paper quality index; earned 208 patent licensing and took part in the plans and develops of many national standards.

The School of Electronic Information and Communications pays attention to the platform construction. The School owns multiple discipline platforms, such as National Anti-counterfeiting Engineering Laboratory, National Electrical and Electronic Laboratory Teaching Demonstration Center (electronic), Data Center of the Social Science for Chinese Universities, Provincial Key Laboratory of the Smart Internet Technology in Hubei, International Cooperation Base for the Green Broadband Wireless Communications in Hubei, National Engineering Laboratory for Next Generation Internet Access System(including three laboratories), National Defense Science and Technology Key Laboratory of Multispectral Information Processing Technology(including two laboratories) . The School also keeps stable research corporative relationship with many universities in USA, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong and other countries and districts.

The School of Electronic Information and Communications have developed its own features and advantages in broadband wireless communications, information security and security, image and graphics and multimedia processing, satellite communication and navigation, radiation characteristics and electromagnetic target detection, Internet technology and Engineering and other aspects.

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