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The 14th National University Robot Contest in the South Division Competition


The 14th National University Robot Contest in the South Division Competition

May 30-31st, RoboMasters2015, the 14th National University robot contest in the South Division match opened at the Optics Valley Stadium. 22 Super teams from17 universities in middle south , 265 innovation star engineers gathered here to start an unusual battle in YuJia mountain area. Through two days of fierce competition, three teams  together with teams from Shenzhen University, Guilin University of electronic technology, South China University of technology qualified for the national finals.

Vice President Luo Qingming, Vice President of Shenzhen Dai Jiang innovation and technology Shao Jianhuo, dean of school of electronic information and communications Wang Shu, General party branch Secretary Ai Min  and other leaders and school officials attended the opening ceremony. Luo Qingming affirmed contest's innovation model in his speech, lay high expectation of this event as an opportunity to promote cooperation between schools and enterprises.

The contest had taken "tank shooting war" this brand new game mode, redefining traditional robot competition, for contestants and spectators alike, this match was a hearty feast of science and technology. Competition venues located in the area the size of a basketball court, and  erected around with transparent fence,  all these obstructions were to simulate combat situations. Base, repair stations, observation towers, supply depots and military facilities were used for intelligent real-time control, Teams were aeperated in red and blue. All the contestants inplemented controlled assembled robot tanks of their own design, research and development for combat against the other. Battle robot army has a strict division of Labor: 2 infantry and 1 Archer, 1 gunner and 1 guards. Each team's 5 players sent back the first-person perspective (FPV) screen for real-time operation according to the robot's sensing equipment , high precision box separation track targets, launch "projectile" attack each other's bases and robots, capture each other homebase to achieve the winner.

Our school has sent four teams to play, STAR-ⅰ, HUST speed plus website, STAR II showed strong technical and tactical strengths in the competition, win South Division-3rd, 4th, and 5th rank. Super Robot Pilots team  from Shenzhen University fought all the way through, and won  decisive victory by 2:0 in the final,defeating the GUET, Guilin ROBOT TEAM .


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