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EIC and 4Paradigm Co-established the Talent Training Base


Recently, the opening and signing ceremony of the postgraduate training base co-established by the School of Electronic Information and Communications (EIC) of HUST and 4Paradigm was held in Beijing. Professor Hu Fei, Vice-Dean of EIC, Associate Professor Zhong Guohui, Vice-Director of Information Engineering Department and CEO of Dian, Associate Professor Gao Yayu, the supervisor of Dian, and members from 4Paradigm, including Tu Weiwei, Vice-President and Principal Scientist, Zheng Zhao, Vice-President, Li Ran, Recruiter Supervisor, Na Tianqi and Yao Quanming, the No.398 member of Dian and Senior Scientist, attended the ceremony.

According to the agreement, EIC and 4Paradigm will carry out strategic cooperation in scientific research, talent training, faculty training and academic exchange on the basis of the talent training base. The base is aimed to enable postgraduates of EIC to accumulate practice experience, help students gain a better understanding of jobs in fields like artificial intelligence and machine learning and of job requirements for professional knowledge and skills, improve students professional capabilities, and deepen the integration of learning and practice so as to enhance the industry-university-research cooperation.

4Paradigm is an artificial intelligence platform and a supplier of technical service, taking a lead in the research and adoption of frontier technology of machine learning. At the same time, depending on the rich experience and sharp insight into the market, 4Paradigm has formed its AI product matrix ranging from computing power, operating system, production platform to business system, which have served a large number of leading corporations in many industries, including finance, retail, medical treatment, manufacture, Internet, media, telecommunications, government and energy.

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology worldwide, the demands of various industries for talents in artificial intelligence is unprecedented. In that context, EIC and 4Paradigm, following the principle of taking advantages of each others strength to achieve win-win cooperation and mutual development, continuously explore the training mode and system for intelligent talents in telecommunications industry through deep cooperation in multi-fields. The cooperation agreement contributes to the deep integration of artificial intelligence and telecommunications industry, the co-cultivation of interdisciplinary talents with both research innovation and practice abilities, and the exploration of the new path of industry-university-research cooperation in the artificial intelligence field.


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