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Experiment Teaching Center of EIC Awarded the Provincial Excellent Grass-roots Teaching Organization of 2020


After the review of Department of Education of Hubei Province, the Experiment Teaching Center of School of Electronic Information and Communications (EIC) is awarded the provincial excellent grass-roots teaching organization of 2020.

The Experiment Teaching Center of EIC has long engaged in the teaching and construction of courses with electronics technique as the core, including Fundamentals of Analog Electronics, Fundamentals of Digital Electronics, Digital Circuits and Logic Design, Electronic Test and Experiment, Design, Test and Experiment of Electronic Circuit, Analog Circuits and Digital Systems (I), Analog Circuits and Digital Systems (II), Analog Circuits and Digital Systems (III), Analog Circuits and Digital Systems (III) Experiment, Electronic Devices and Circuits (I), Electronic Devices and Circuits (II) and so on. A large number of well-known professors and scholars have made great contributions to the development of electronics-related courses of HUST, including Kang Huaguang, Zou Shoubin, Chen Daqin, Xie Zimei, Yan Guoping, Zhao Yundi. It has twice won the national teaching achievement award, developed three national high-quality courses, three national high-quality resource-sharing courses, and three national high-quality online open courses, and Fundamentals of Analog Electronics was among the first group approved as the national first-class online and offline course. Yan Guoping, National Master Teacher, and Xie Zimei, Provincial Master Teacher, also come from this teaching team. The textbook Fundamentals of Electronics Technique composed by Kang Huaguangs team has won four national awards, which is also a national textbook adopted by many universities in China.


The team consistently adheres to the principle of educating students both in knowledge and moral values, and a number of teachers have won various teaching awards. Since 2011, the center has developed two national high-quality resource-sharing courses, Fundamentals of Electronics Technique and Design, Test and Experiment of Electronic Circuit, and three national high-quality online open courses, Analog Electronics Technique, Digital Electronics Technique, and Design, Test and Experiment of Electronic Circuit. The teachers of the center take an active part in teaching research and teaching reform by adopting the teaching methods of flipped classroom and integrating online and offline teaching based on modern information technology. The team also attaches great importance to enhancing students practice ability by promoting school-corporation collaboration and combination of classes and competitions. In addition, the faculty also won the first prize of provincial Teaching Achievement Award, published a series of national textbooks and relevant reference books, and has undertaken three national teaching reform projects and seven provincial teaching reform projects. Professor Zhang Lin was selected as the director of Hubei Master Teacher Studio.

Deng Tianping who is in charge of this teaching organization is diligent and consistently devotes himself to teaching, taking a lead in teaching quality and teaching evaluation and gaining a good reputation among students. In 2016, he won the first prize in the First National Teaching Competition of Fundamentals of Electronics Technique and Electronic Circuit Course; In 2017, he won the Excellent Teaching Prize of HUST; In 2020, he won the first prize in the teaching quality competition of HUST. Moreover, he is responsible for the MOOC construction of Analog Electronics Technique in English.

Grass-roots teaching organization is the fundamental teaching unit of higher education that shoulders the responsibilities of cultivating students morality, imparting professional knowledge, promoting the development of faculty and teaching, and advancing teaching reform. The Experiment Teaching Center will stay committed to the student-centered principle and formulate plans and corresponding measures based on the requirements in organizational mechanism, team construction, teaching principles, teaching reform and quality to further improve facultys morality and deepen the innovation of talent cultivation modes, curriculum, teaching content and teaching methods, so as to lay a solid foundation for the training system of high-level talents.



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